Apostate Cersei

Connection: TV Show & Game

For the first post on this blog, it seemed appropriate to write about the thing which shocked me the most in the past few days and fits nicely into a recent Daily Post Prompt. And of course it involves one of my favorite fantasy TV shows and my all-time favorite RPG franchise, Game of Thrones and Dragon Age respectively.

The season 6 finale of GoT began with a mind-blowing event: Cersei decided to go all Mad Queen and perform (possibly) the most appalling terrorist act in Westeros.

She blew up the bloody Sept of Baelor.

That’s one hell of a shocking event, even though there have been hints about it thrown around in the preceding episodes. Then again, I did feel a sort of deja vu, if you know what I mean…

The latter explosion was instigated by my favorite cat-loving, spirit-harboring, moody apostate mage, a character in Dragon Age 2, Anders.

And I’ll explain why I still loved the guy after he blew up a holy place with dozens of innocent people in it, just like the bitch Cersei.

He had his motives, OK? He was a revolutionary obsessed with the idea of setting an oppressed group (the mages) free at all costs. Sure there’s the spirit Justice telling him what to do and how, but the whole notion of justice concurs with Anders’ main goals. He’s ready to face death after he’s done the act, and he certainly doesn’t have any ambitions of usurping power and acting like an asshole (which he could have done).

And that’s why, in my mind, he stays true to human nature. The more or less dark side of it but still. I stand beside Anders.

Fuck the chantry

Cersei, now that’s another matter. The woman murders the bulk of the Tyrell family, her arch-enemy the sparrow, takes vengeance (doesn’t execute justice) on those who wronged her. Selfish. And look at her shit-eating grin after she causes countless deaths.


It’s because of her that Tommen casually steps through the window and plunges to his death.


And she doesn’t mind sitting down on the Iron Throne and accepting the title of Queen again. She does it like it’s a perfectly normal thing.



The fact is, though, she’s about Sauron-level evil by now and Jamie needs to become Queenslayer. Soon. Immediately.

If anyone decides to stop by this blog and read this post, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Till next time!