The name’s Louise Farrell. A writer, artist, photographer, amateur film-maker, music composer when in the mood and generally forlorn, overly curious person fond of creativity.

My poems and prose can be found at Fantasy Raconteur‘s place.

This blog is dedicated to my thoughts about books, movies, theatre, political and social issues, etc and mainly how they’re all connected.¬†When I watch Mr Nobody, I hear echoes of Nabokov’s Invitation to a Beheading. When I look at Van Gogh’s paintings, I can picture some of the sceneries described in certain fantasy novels.¬†These connections, in turn, remind me of how different objects are intertwined in the cosmos, and I’ve decided to record my observations here. Expect anything, from anime to operas, from Andersen’s fairy tales to War and Peace.

Welcome! I’m always looking for new friends=)